Making the world
a more equitable
place for women
to work, live and thrive

Pay Equity is
equal pay for work of equal value.

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Pay Equity in 7 Steps

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Featured Resources

Pay Equity Solution for Small Business Do-It-Yourself Toolkit

This toolkit will help you analyze your compensation practices and support your business while also complying with the law. The pay equity toolkit guides you through seven steps to complete a pay equity analysis.​

Ontario’s Pay Equity Act with Selected Case References, 2022

The Pay Equity Office is pleased to offer a new resource for compensation specialists, unions, legal professionals, and others interested in learning more about pay equity law in Ontario.

The Q&A Guide to
Ontario’s Pay Equity Act

The Guide to Understanding the Pay Equity Act is written in a Q&A format that follows the structure of the Act.

Visit Level the Paying Field where we explore issues related to economics, equity, women, work and money.  This series of conversations explores topics impacting women working in Ontario and is published by Ontario’s Pay Equity Office.

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